What is the “Key” of a Song?

What is the Key of a Song

What is the “Key” of a Song?

What is the Key of a Song?

Music Keys For Guitar

Many things determine how musicians describe a song’s key including tonic note, parent scale, starting chord, mode, and key signature. These topics and more are all discussed in Fretboard Theory Volume II Chapter 1. You can watch this whole video chapter for free above or listen to a free audio lesson at the link below. To learn more about music theory for guitar, get the rest of the Fretboard Theory program.

The free audio lesson below is taught by Desi Serna and answers the question “What is the key of a song?” You learn about tonic pitches, relative major and minor, modes and key signatures. You see that the key of a song doesn’t always reflect the true parent major scale and it’s up to you to go beyond the basic details and sort out the other components at play. Popular songs are used as examples. Listen directly using the embedded mp3 below or visit one of the websites that hosts the whole podcast.

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  • Joe Kosior

    Hey Desi, Fabulous lesson. It makes me realize what I don’t know and need to learn. Though you are much more advanced than I am, you have become my favorite teacher and I can only hope to be as knowledgeable on theory as you are. At the ripe old age of 62, I may not have the time left but you have inspired me to try.