What Child is This / Greensleeves Guitar Tab

What Child is This / Greensleeves Guitar Tab

What Child is This / Greensleeves Guitar Tab

In this free guitar lesson I demonstrate various ways of playing a fingerstyle chord melody guitar arrangement of the popular Christmas song “What Child is This,” which is based on the earlier, traditional song, “Greensleeves.” You have the option of fingerpicking or using a regular flat pick. I perform here on an acoustic guitar, but you can just as easily play the same thing on an electric guitar.

Guitar Tab
You can follow along with this lesson using my free What Child Is This Greensleeves Guitar Tab.

Guitar Theory
The music centers on an Am chord and can be thought of as being in the key of A minor, however the notes are more closely related to A Dorian mode from the G major scale because of the use of an F# note in the melody. The E major chord, which can also be played as E7, creates a dominant push to the tonic chord, Am, and creates the harmonic minor scale sound by featuring a G#, the raised seventh in the A scale. Because the A scale also features a major 6th (the F#), you can think of this as melodic minor too.

Guitar Gear
I use a PRS SE Angelus acoustic/electric guitar. I plug into an Alesis MultiMix 8 and add reverb and delay from the mixer’s onboard effects.

Christmas Guitar Songs
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Comments ( 3 )

  • Eddie

    Wonderful! Even though it’s geared to those with not much experience, it still sounds good enough to perform in an intimate settings of family/friends.

    Thanks so much.

    B-t-w: Bought your Fretboard Theory. Great course.

  • Paul Kirby

    Nice rendition of Greensleeves Desi. You are one of the best teachers on the Net. I really appreciate your teaching style. Thanks.

  • Ralph Volk

    I like this song and your instruction. Very nice simple and melodic