What’s the best age to start guitar lessons?

What’s the best age to start guitar lessons?

Guitar Lessons for Kids
Instruments are not toys and there’s a necessary level of maturity required in learning how to play. My teaching experience has shown that the students who do best are teens and adults. Children struggle with a few things; their hands are small and not as coordinated as older students, and their interest in playing guitar tends to stem more from their fascination of the instrument and its players rather than a serious interest in physically practicing and playing.

Adult Guitar Lessons
Adults learn better and faster than teenagers, but tend to be more easily discouraged. Their mind set appears to be based on the idea that learning something new is for the young, not the old. As a result, adults sometimes feel out of place. Adults are also more self-aware with better-developed ears, which makes it harder for them to tolerate the sometimes unpleasant-sounding learning process. Less mature students don’t know any better and think that they sound great from the beginning. Bottom line: Those who play a lot and stick with it do the best. Be patient and give yourself time to work everything out.

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  • Fretgirl

    Great post, I completely agree. To all those adults out there do it, do it, do it, you will not regret it and the worse that can happen is that you decide you don't like, discontinue and move on, no damage done and a few basics learnt in the process.


  • Anonymous

    All very positive comments but you didn't answer the question.
    What's the best age to start guitar lessons?…..
    There isn't one it is about the passion of wanting to play not the age of the person.