Susie Q Riff Tab

Susie Q Riff Tab

Susie Q Riff Tab

In this free video guitar lesson, you learn how to play the opening guitar riff in the song “Susie Q” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The guitar riff is straight out of the E minor pentatonic scale and is played in a fingerstyle manner using your thumb and fingers. Follow along with free Susie Q guitar tab by choosing from the options below.

Susie Q Riff Tab

Susie Q Riff Tab

Download Susie Q Riff Tab PDF file


Comments ( 6 )

  • Hal

    Great short fun lesson with intro to finger style to boot!

  • Dan miller

    Thank you
    You are a great sincere instructor

  • Dan

    You are a great instructor, love your material and , clarity, and expertisedd

  • James Delano Guynn

    Do you show the lead parts to songs or just the little riff parts?

  • David Pisani

    Thanks Desi,
    This makes learning the scale meaningful when using it to play a rift of E.g Susie Q.



    Desi, I’m slowly getting it. This is fun.