Start Teaching Guitar

Start Teaching Guitar

Start Teaching Guitar

Listen to the Desi Serna interview on the free Start Teaching Guitar podcast with Donnie Schexnayder. I talk about my background, teaching and playing experience, how I developed my guitar theory method and advice for guitar players and teachers.

About Start Teaching Guitar
Start Teaching Guitar was founded by Donnie Schexnayder in 2011. Donnie is an experienced guitar teacher and small business coach. After building a successful guitar teaching business over the last several years, he’s refocused on what he loves the most: helping guitar teachers build and grow their businesses. You’ll find that his approach to building a teaching business is extremely effective. He developed it after months of research while building his own guitar teaching business, which went from making $0 to earning a nice 4-figure income every month. More specifically, Donnie uses a blend of effective teaching and effective thinking that equals success in your local guitar teaching market and beyond.

Guitar Theory

To learn more about music theory for guitar, including scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more, sign up for a free preview of my Fretboard Theory books and DVDs by using the form on this web page.

Play Until Yer Fingers Bleed!
Mr. Desi Serna

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