Joe Robinson Guitar Interview


Joe Robinson Guitar Interview

Listen to the full 60 minute interview at: Guitar Theory podcast at iTunes

Joe Robinson Guitar
Australian child prodigy and guitar sensation Joe Robinson won the Australian National Songwriting Competition at age 13 and the Australia’s Got Talent grand finale in 2008 at age 17. He has recorded several albums showcasing his multiple skills including acoustic fingerstyle guitar, electric lead guitar, singing and songwriting.

Joe has won various competitions, performed at the Bonnaroo Music Festival was named “Best New Talent” in Guitar Player magazine in 2010. He has given a seminar at the prestigious Berkley School of Music, has toured in many places around the world and has been praised by many respected guitarists. In 2012 he released his full-length album “Let Me Introduce You” and also an EP titled “Toe Jam.”

In this interview, Joe discusses his musical background, style and perspectives on music theory and guitar playing. It includes samples of his songs and recorded albums plus live playing and improvisations. Interview with Desi Serna author of Fretboard Theory. Recorded Friday May 24, 2013.

Interview includes:

  • How Joe started touring professionally after just one year of guitar playing.
  • How Joe used to get up at 4am so that he could practice guitar for four hours before school.
  • How Joe views the fretboard and applies scales and chords.

Visit Joe Robinson’s website at:

Comments ( 10 )

  • Jeremy Miller

    Has anyone managed to find the Wayne Krantz podcasts that Joe mentions at 33:00?

  • I can’t find the podcast either, Jeremy. Nor can I find the book Joe mentions at 32:21 called The Dominant Seventh Chord, and Then, the Blues by Jim Kelly. Perhaps it’s out of print. But here is another by the same author called Jim Kelly’s Guitar Workshop.

  • Jeremy Miller

    Thanks, Desi. I did find mention of the book on Jim Kelly’s MySpace page (just a passing reference to his having written it, in his bio) but when I emailed him I got a bounce-back, so I think the email address is no more. And now it looks like the page is gone too. Ah well.

    Desi, could you expand on your observation that Guitar Pro is a good learning tool? I know it’s primarily for composition/transcription, but never thought about it as an educational tool. How would you tell your students to use it to improve their playing or their understanding of guitar or of fretboard theory? Thanks!

  • One easy way to use Guitar Pro 6 as a learning tool is to enter in chord changes to create play along backing tracks.

  • Great post.

    I’d never heard of Joe Robinson before, so I guess I’ll have to learn more about him.

    Also I’m about to download your free preview of your book, and may purchase the entire course.

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of Joe. I looked him up and he sounds great! Thanks for turning me on to his music!

  • @SleepyHead_band

    Could it be the Oscar’s Guitarshop podcast from May 2013?

  • AM

    I got the book by emailing Jim Kelly on Facebook. (Shipping from Down Under is expensive!)

    Still have not found the podcasts – Desi, any chance you could email Wayne or Joe and ask? Thanks.

  • I did. Nothing. It may no longer be available.

  • Wow, I totally get a Scot Henderson vibe when listening to Joe’s clip at the start of the video. He’s incredible!