Podcast Episode 19: Chord Tone Soloing (Outlining Chords and Progressions)

Podcast Episode 19: Chord Tone Soloing (Outlining Chords and Progressions)

Podcast Episode 19: Chord Tone Soloing (Outlining Chords and Progressions)

Give your lead guitar solos more direction by targeting chord tones and outlining chord progressions. In this free guitar lesson you learn how to use CAGED arpeggio patterns to target chord tones while using pentatonic lead patterns. Specifically, you will target the root, third and fifth of each chord as you work through a progression. Targeting chord tones helps you to connect scales more closely to their related chords, as well as outline a particular chord progression. You will intentionally be emphasizing each note of the chord, creating a lead line that relates to the music. This approach is sometimes better than just randomly playing scales through a set of changes. You can apply this outlining technique to improvising, as well as to composing guitar solos, riffs, melodies and bass lines.

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This information comes from the book Fretboard Theory Volume II Chapter 8. https://www.guitarmusictheory.com/fretboard-theory/fretboard-theory-volume-ii/


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  • Desi,

    I think what you are doing with these podcasts is absolutely great. Thanks so much.

    One question. Are these only available as audio, or will they also be available as video?



  • Thanks, Nick. The podcast is just audio. I hope to offer DVDs on these topics in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Will s

    These lessons seem to get better all the time. I’ve moved from the simple, pentatonic rut to playing stuff with meaning and ‘edge’ (lower case e!) I have the e-books and my improvement is down to the way you present each element in logical progression. The light bulb above my head has lit up and I even speak a different music language;also find my friends asking me to explain various aspects of theory. The fingers still seem older than the brain – but it’s even making practice and repetition more enjoyable. Only problem is that you weren’t around thirty years ago! Many thanks.

  • Dave

    Absolutely Enthralling Desi’ Playing Along With You Is Brilliant You Explain Things So Well’ By The Way You Have Lovely Tone On Your Gear.xxx

  • I’ll have to say that you push my poor little brain, Desi … but this particular lesson was true eye opener … I’ve always tried to ‘outline’ chords in my lead playing, but it has been a hit or miss affair … this lesson brought things together … well done.

  • Laci Almasi

    I’m working on chord tones and chord soloing and this episode is great help as all your other podcasts.
    However, the links for downloading and listening are not working on this site and talkshoe either.