Podcast Episode 17: Pentatonic Lead Patterns

Podcast Episode 17: Pentatonic Lead Patterns

Podcast Episode 17: Pentatonic Lead Patterns

When it comes to using the pentatonic scale to play melodies, riffs, lead guitar solos, and bass lines, it’s not necessary to utilize every position or every part of every pattern. Most guitar players, including some of the most famous ones, favor only a few particular sections of these different patterns that work well together. When viewed together, these sections are sometimes called “lead patterns.”

Pentatonic lead patterns make it easier for you to keep track of the root note of a chord, shift from position to position, duplicate licks in different registers, and use the first three, and strongest fingers of your fretting hand. You will also be able to find your way around the neck better, becoming more proficient at what you play as you narrow your focus to a few essential patterns. In the 17th episode of Desi Serna’s Guitar Theory podcast, you get to know two lead patterns, each one having a major and a minor form.

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This information comes from the book Fretboard Theory Volume II Chapter 6. https://www.guitarmusictheory.com/fretboard-theory/fretboard-theory-volume-ii/


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  • Keith Middleton

    Great work Desi,I purchased modes and pentatonic dvds which are great.Considering buying Fretboard Theory 11 but would prefer if it came with dvd as Ft1. I listen to these podcasts with blank fretboard diagrams in front of me and fill them in as you speak.This alone is beneficial.Thanks loads Keith

  • Cody

    Hey Desi, I love the way you teach the fretboard. I bought FT1 and the DVD’s and finally the other stuff I was getting online makes sence. Your podcasts were so intreging I went ahead and bought FT2 even though I’m not quite ready for most of it yet, but I found it helps solidify what I learned in FT1 Thanks Desi, not bleeding yet but i’m working on it.