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Pentatonic Scale Patterns: How to Easily Master the Patterns Used to Play Music’s Most Iconic Guitar Riffs and Solos (Video + Added Resources)

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Why the pentatonic scale?

The pentatonic scale is one of the most widely used scales for playing melodies, riffs, solos, and even bass lines on guitar. Many of music's most iconic guitar riffs and solos are played using pentatonic patterns, including:

Today, modern guitar heroes such as John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa bring the house down by firing off pentatonic scale licks from their guitar fretboards to thousands of cheering fans.

If you're beyond the beginning stages of learning guitar and you aspire to riff and jam like the pros, you absolutely *must* learn pentatonic scales.


Before you can take the stage and melt some faces, you need to know what the pentatonic scale is, how to play its patterns on the fretboard, and how to properly apply the scale to music.

In this video course, you get to know what the pentatonic scale is all about and you follow a step-by-step plan to learn:

Make Music

This pentatonic video course is far more than just a lesson on playing pentatonic scale shapes. A large portion of the instruction focuses on how the pentatonic scale is applied to music. The course also includes countless references to popular songs so you can easily connect what you learn to something familiar. After completing the course, you'll be well on your way to playing the monster riffs and irresistible hooks that caused you to fall in love with the sound of the guitar. And you'll have the know-how to write your own catchy riffs, improvise melodies at will, and create your own solos. You will see music in a whole new light and take control of your guitar playing in a whole new way.

Increase Your Skills

As you learn the pentatonic scale patterns and apply them to music, you make use of the whole guitar fretboard. No more letting any area of the neck go to waste. Playing the scale patterns is one of the best ways to increase your finger and hand dexterity too. Your fingers will become stronger and more coordinated. You’ll also develop alternate picking skills and improve the synchronization of your hands. 🤘🏼

Learn Songs

With the added resources that accompany the video course, you get access to backing tracks, pentatonic scale song lists, pentatonic scale guitar tab, and lessons to begin playing your favorite riffs and solos so you can begin rocking out right away.

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Course Contents

  • 73 minutes of video instruction that includes embedded tablature and neck diagrams

  • Resource PDF that includes lists of pentatonic scale songs, free tabs, backing tracks, and links to song lessons

Everything All in One Place

Stop wasting endless hours searching the Internet hoping to find the pieces needed to put the pentatonic puzzle together. This complete guide contains everything you need all in one spot so you can get the patterns down quickly and begin to make music easily.

You're only a moment away from laying the foundation needed to take your guitar playing to the next level. If you're ready to begin riffing and jamming like the pros, get the course now!

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About Fretboard Theory

This pentatonic course is Chapter 2 from the larger video series, Fretboard Theory. With this option of purchasing only Chapter 2, you can focus on the pentatonic scale without spending the money on the full Fretboard Theory series, which includes instruction on a variety of subjects. Chapter 2 works perfectly as a stand-alone pentatonic course. You do not need any other parts of the Fretboard Theory book or video series to use the Chapter 2 video by itself. If after completing the pentatonic instruction you would like the rest of the Fretboard Theory chapters, just let me know and I’ll knock what you have already paid off the price. 😉

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