Oh Well Tab Fleetwood Mac

Oh Well Tab Fleetwood Mac

“Oh Well” by Fleetwood Mac is a great guitar riff that is based almost entirely on the E minor pentatonic scale. Play the video below to see and hear what this famous guitar riff looks and sounds like.





Oh Well Tab Fleetwood Mac
Click hear to preview and get the complete, accurate, fully legal and licensed Oh Well Tab Fleetwood Mac for guitar.

Pentatonic Scales
Pentatonic scales are one of the most widely used scales in music to play guitar riffs, lead guitar solos and bass lines. Pentatonic scale patterns are taught in the instructional guitar video, Pentatonic Scale Patterns: How to Easily Master the Patterns Used to Play Music’s Most Iconic Guitar Riffs and Solos. The very same video instruction is also part of the complete Fretboard Theory guitar theory system.

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