Money for Nothing Guitar Riff

money for nothing guitar riff tab

Money for Nothing Guitar Riff

Money for Nothing Guitar Riff Tab

Money for Nothing Tab – Guitar Riff

In this free online guitar lesson I demonstrate how I play the opening guitar riff in “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits. This example is suitable for intermediate level players who have learned pentatonic scale patterns. You can follow along using the free tools below including guitar tab and an audio mp3 of the performance.

You can view and download my free Money For Nothing Guitar Tabs PDF file here. This file is just an interpretation of the opening riff. You may only use it for private study, scholarship, or research.

Audio-only Performance
In addition to the video demonstration, I also have an audio performance of the part I play. This is a separate take from the video, so the performance may be slightly different. The use of a click track will help you hear when notes are on and off the beat.

Money for Nothing Scales
I play Money for Nothing using the G minor pentatonic scale. I begin in part of pattern two, use part of pattern one, and then use part of pattern five in the open position. The riff makes use of power chords, with some inverted putting the 5th in the bass.

Pentatonic Scales
Pentatonic scales are one of the most widely used scales in music to play guitar riffs, lead guitar solos and bass lines. Pentatonic scale patterns are taught in my Fretboard Theory video program.

Gear Setup
I used a Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster, staying in position 4, which is a combination of the neck and middle single coil pickups. I plugged into a PRS Custom 50 amp head and used the lead channel with the following settings (12 represents 12 O’clock). Volume: 12 Treble: 12 Middle: 1 Bass: 10 Master: 8 Presence: 12. I added a slap back delay with a Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay pedal. The amp head was plugged into a Rivera Silent Sister isolation cabinet and miked with a couple of Shure SM57s.









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    Thank You! Your teaching skills really show up as you simplify a rift that I thought would be so much harder to lean!

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    You are the best guitar teacher on the web in my opinion… You are so clear and concise and detailed. A gifted teacher you are. I’ve been learning from a couple of your books, and soon plan to buy your web and video plans. Your books are excellent as well, but I know with “watching,” it will speed up my learning process. I’ve already learned so much, and I can’t wait to learn more and quicker☺️

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