Live Lessons With Steve Krenz and Desi Serna

Live Guitar Lessons with Steve Krenz and Desi Serna

Live Lessons With Steve Krenz and Desi Serna

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I was delighted to be a guest on Live Lessons With Steve Krenz on May 12, 2015. Steve and I broadcasted out of the legendary Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee. I shared the story of how I got into music publishing, discussed my approach to modes and music theory, and announced the release of my new book, Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies. We had fun jamming and giving away a few prizes too. To watch a replay of the video stream, click live Lessons with Desi Serna. ​Below you find details for one of the program’s featured lessons.

Guitar Lesson
The featured guitar lesson is a jam based in the key of E minor. The chord changes are Em7add2-Gmaj7-Asus2-C-B7. Follow along using the free tab and neck diagrams below.

E minor guitar tab

E minor Guitar Pro

E minor neck diagrams

Using Guitar Scales
Since the primary chord in this progression is Em, you can solo over the chord changes using the E minor pentatonic scale. Because the chords are drawn from the full E minor scale, you can use it too (the E minor scale, which is also known as E Aeolian mode and E natural minor, is relative to G major). Finally, the B7 chord at the end of the progression features a D#, and you can follow this with your scale by raising the 7th degree of E natural minor from D to D# creating the E harmonic minor scale.

Steve also pointed out that you can use the B minor pentatonic scale. This scale works because all of its notes are found within the E minor scale. When you resolve on B in the B minor pentatonic, you’re actually hitting on an Em chord tone, the 5th.

For Dummies Guitar Books
To learn more about Desi’s books from Wiley, see Guitar Theory For Dummies and Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies.

Fretboard Theory
To learn more about Desi’s Fretboard Theory series, sign up for a free preview using the form on this website.

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  • Greg

    Excellent show. One of the best on the LMG Ustream for me. Please come back for a repeat.

  • MikieG

    I always enjoy seeing Desi around. He has done so much to unlock the music trapped within so many players.
    He should recieve the Guitar Nobel Peace Prize!
    Truely an ambassador for guitar students and teachers everywhere!