José Feliciano Guitar Style

José Feliciano Guitar Style

“How can I learn the José Feliciano guitar style?” A website visitor who was interested in my guitar theory course asked me this question. He was wondering if I could teach him the scales, chords and progressions used in the video below. My answer follows.

My guitar theory course covers the fundamentals of music theory that are necessary for all styles, but I don”t specifically teach one style or technique. If you want to learn José Feliciano music, then you”ll have to study his guitar style specifically. The only materials I could find are:

José Feliciano Guitar Tab

You might be able to find specific instruction in Spanish guitar or Flamenco guitar styles too.

Keep in mind that you”ll have a much better job learning this stuff if you know the guitar theory that I teach. The scale patterns, chord shapes, chord progressions and modes I teach are used in all styles of music.

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