How to Mix CAGED Chords with Scales

How to Mix CAGED Chords with Scales

guitar caged chords dvdThe CAGED system is a method for mapping out chords, not scales. But, you can then mix these chords with scale patterns. I show you how to get started with this in Fretboard Theory Chapter 4: Five is the Magic Number. Later in Chapter 7 I teach more about applying scales.

You can mix in the CAGED forms with any scale pattern, it just depends on what chords you’re playing over. If you’re playing over a progression in E major, and E major is the root chord, then you can play E major pentatonic and/or the full E major scale. You can also use E major CAGED chord forms and arpeggio patterns. When the chord changes, to A or B or something else in the key, you can use the CAGED chord forms and arpeggio patterns that correspond to those chords (still along with E major pentatonic and/or the full E major scale). Get it? Let me know.

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  • Thank you Desi Serna! Your “CAGED” DVD is helping me to apply chord shapes and inversions to chord progressions all over the guitar neck. Your teaching provides clear and musical examples, explains how to use the new information, and is paced in such a way that it is enjoyable to practice.

    Mike Tulin
    Lawndale, CA

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