How to Buy a Beginner Guitar

How to Buy a Beginner Guitar

How to Buy a Beginner Guitar

What’s the best guitar to buy for a beginner? The answer is: Buy an instrument that is easy to play and will stay in tune.

Beginner Guitar
Most beginner guitar players, especially children, are not likely to stick with it or play very long. On one hand you don’t want to spend much money, but on the other hand you don’t want a cheap instrument that is difficult to play.

Don’t Buy a Cheap Guitar
You can buy cheap guitars from big box stores and shopping catalogs, but may of them are not suited for real playing. These guitars are made to look legit, but they usually aren’t. Even I would have a hard time playing them. Beginners have enough trouble as it is. Trying to learn on a guitar that is tough to play and won’t stay in tune is a sure fire way to get frustrated and quit.

Buy From a Real Guitar Shop
I recommend getting a real guitar from a real guitar shop if possible. Preferably one that offers good customer support. Guitars need maintenance and adjusting. It’s better to pay a little extra and have someone you can take the guitar back to for work then to get the cheapest deal but be stuck on your own to deal with problems.

Durdel’s Music
In my home town of Toledo, Ohio, Durdel’s Music is a good place to look. The store not only carries inexpensive guitars that are suited for beginners, but they also take the time to work on a guitar and make sure that it’s in the best playable condition before you walk out the door with it.

Nothing Wrong With Giving Guitar a Try
As I mentioned earlier, beginner guitarists are not likely to play very long. The interest of most youngsters fades fast. But they’re also likely to come back to it now and then. My daughter has started guitar a stopped several times. Maybe some day she’ll stick with it. If not, no big deal. Nothing wrong with trying things out.

By the way, you can always resell a guitar. So if you pay a little extra, then you’ll get a little extra back when you sell it.

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons
To learn more about best guitars for beginners, how to learn guitar and easy beginner guitar songs, visit my free beginner guitar lessons page and read Beginner Guitar Questions.

Guitar Lessons For Girls
My sister, Adrianne Serna, is a professional singer/songwriter and very good at teaching young girls how to play guitar and sing. You can watch her students play and learn more about her guitar lessons at: Guitar Lessons For Girls

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