Hey Joe Guitar Solo

Hey Joe Guitar Solo

Hey Joe Guitar Solo

Hey Joe Tab – Lead Guitar Solo

In this free online guitar lesson I demonstrate how I play the guitar solo in “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. This example is suitable for intermediate level players who have learned pentatonic scale patterns. You can follow along using the free tools below including guitar tab and an audio mp3 of the performance.

Hey Joe Guitar Tabs
You can view and download my free Hey Joe Guitar Tabs here. Hey Joe is part of the pentatonic tabs that I have put together to help readers learn some of the songs I reference throughout my guitar theory courses. The file is just an interpretation of the solo and other pentatonic selections. You may only use it for private study, scholarship, or research.

hey joe guitar solo tab


Official, Complete Guitar Tab
If you would like to learn how the original recording was played, or would like to play any other parts from the song, then you can get the complete, accurate, fully licensed and legal guitar tab at musicnotes.com. You can also preview, purchase and download the original recording at iTunes.

Hey Joe Audio mp3
In addition to the video demonstration, I also have an audio performance of the part I play. This is a separate take from the video, so the performance may be slightly different. The use of the click track will help you hear when notes are on and off the beat.

Hey Joe Scales
Hey Joe makes use of one of the the most popular scales in music, the pentatonic scale. You learn all about scales and their use in my Fretboard Theory guitar theory program.

Gear Setup
I used a Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster, staying in position 5 (the neck pickup). I plugged into a PRS Custom 50 amp head and used the lead channel with the following settings (12 represents 12 O’clock). Volume: 10 Treble: 12 Middle: 2 Bass: 10 Master: 8 Presence: 12. I added a plate reverb using an Alesis MultiMix8. The amp head was plugged into a Rivera Silent Sister isolation cabinet and miked with a couple of Shure SM57s. I use Dava Jazz Grips Delrin guitar picks.


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