Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns

harmonic minor scale patterns for guitar

Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns

Guitar Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns

I introduced the harmonic minor scale to you in Chapter 3 of Fretboard Theory Volume II where we looked at the dominant function and minor chord progressions with a V7 chord. In Chapter 9 we will pick up where Chapter 3 left off, teaching you harmonic minor scale patterns and how to use this scale for improvisation. Be sure that you have completed Chapter 3 so that the material we work with here will make sense.

In This Chapter:

  1. Building the harmonic minor scale
  2. Using lead patterns
  3. Outlining V7 chords
  4. Play harmonic minor scale patterns

Fretboard Theory Volume II

Fretboard Theory Volume II picks up where the first book leaves off and takes your guitar playing and musical knowledge to a whole new level. You learn new musical concepts and explore advanced applications. There is information for rhythm guitarists, lead guitarists, improvisers and composers. Each chapter focuses on applications found in popular music and includes familiar song references.

Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!

  • Gain new perspective on keys and tonalities
  • Apply new number systems
  • Bring dominant function and voice leading into play
  • Change keys, borrow chords and mix modes
  • Employ chromatic passing, diminished and augmented chords
  • Use the lead patterns preferred by the pros
  • Target chord tones and outline chord progressions
  • Discover the harmonic minor scale
  • Play pedal point and pedal tones

Discover the Secrets to Guitar Songs By:

Led Zeppelin
Eric Clapton
The Beatles
The Eagles
Grateful Dead
The Rolling Stones
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Guns N” Roses
Fleetwood Mac
Tom Petty
Jimi Hendrix
Van Morrison
Allman Brothers Band
U2 and many more!

Fretboard Theory Volume II is now part of the full Fretboard Theory book and video series. Click the link for more information.

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  • Christine

    Hi Desi,
    Firstly I want to say how grateful I am for the fantastic quality podcasts, they are clear and well paced and congratulations on your superb teaching style. It’s been 10 yrs since I’ve had access to a teacher like you, he introduced the CAGED system to me but for whatever reason I never really put it into practice. I’m now wondering whether to purchase Fretboard Theory 1 or 11 as I’m already familiar with the patterns,