Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies


Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies Two important aspects of guitar playing that I don’t cover in my guitar theory materials are rhythm and technique. If you want to improve your timing, sharpen your technique, or get inspired by new ideas, then read my book Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies and work with the online audio and video it features. This book, which I authored for the famous For Dummies brand by Wiley, gets into the details of time signatures, note values, slash notation, strum patterns, articulations, picking mechanics, finger picking, harmonics, slide guitar, whammy bars, alternate tunings, and more. There are lessons suitable for guitar players of all levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Free Guitar Rhythm and Technique Audio Track
Listen to a free Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies audio track at the link below to hear samples of what you learn in the book.

Audio Track 1: Rhythm and Technique in a Nutshell

Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies is available at all major book retailers, including Amazon below.

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In addition to this rhythm and technique course, I authored Guitar Theory For Dummies. Click on the link to learn more about it.

Fretboard Theory DVDs transparent 150Fretboard Theory Video Instruction

Studying theory will uncover the mysteries of music and help you more quickly develop your skills as a guitarist, songwriter, improviser, and composer. Your journey begins with the Fretboard Theory video instruction featured in the GMT member area. There are over 20 courses and 150 video lessons pertaining to scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more. Aside from learning these components of music individually, you learn how they fit together to make music. Furthermore, everything is taught from a guitar player’s perspective by focusing on the fretboard and relating all concepts to familiar songs.


About Desi Serna

Desi Serna guitar music theoryHailed as a “music-theory expert” by Rolling Stone magazine, guitarist Desi Serna is a music instructor and author who has written several books on guitar including Fretboard Theory, Fretboard Theory Volume II, Guitar Theory For Dummies, Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies, and How To Teach Guitar and Start Your Own Music Instruction Business. He is known for his practical, hands-on approach to music teaching, with a focus on the guitar fretboard and emphasis on popular songs. Desi honed his craft through decades of teaching, performing, and publishing. He lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area, produces all the instruction featured in the GMT member area, and is online everyday connecting with his subscribers and giving guitar players personalized training and support.