How to Determine Pentatonic Roots and Keys

How to Determine Pentatonic Roots and Keys

How to Determine Pentatonic Roots and Keys

pentatonic rootsWhen learning the guitar pentatonic scale patterns, use pattern one to determine your root and key and then connect the remaining pentatonic patterns from there. In Fretboard Theory Chapter 4 you can learn where the roots are in the other pentatonic patterns. I even illustrate each position’s reference major and minor chord shape so that you can jump into the correct pentatonic pattern from any position or chord.

The first note in pattern one is your minor root, the second note in pattern one is your major root. In the image example, use this pentatonic scale to play over either an E minor chord or progression revolving around E minor, or a G major chord or a progression revolving around G major.

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  • Judy Woodard

    The 4 DVD lessons are totally wonderful. After spending the summer with these lessons I feel likeca new person playing. Started playing in 1955 and never stopped. But WOW Desi Serna has moved me around the fret board with freedom