Black Magic Woman Guitar Cover and Lesson

Black Magic Woman Guitar Cover and Lesson

This free guitar lesson, which was originally filmed back in 2008, is now available in its full 31 minute length. It’s a cover played in the style of “Black Magic Woman” by Carlos Santana, and the only video I have ever made in which I sing! You learn about the minor chords and minor chord progression used in the song, plus how to apply minor pentatonic and minor scale patterns over it. This free guitar lesson is suitable for intermediate and advanced players who want to learn more about the inter-workings of music.

Guitar Tab
This cover is my own interpretation of the song. To learn how the original Santana recording was performed, get the complete, accurate guitar tab at

Jam Track
You can get your own guitar play along track by purchasing the book/CD Jam With Carlos Santana at

Guitar Theory
To learn more about music theory for guitar, including scales, chords, progressions, modes and more, sign up for a free email course.

Gear Used
Line 6 Pod Pro





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