Greatest Phenomenon

Greatest Phenomenon

Greatest Phenomenon

Like it or not, he’s the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world.

“This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things.” Luke 24:46-48

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

Origin of Species: Was Darwin Right?

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Comments ( 31 )

  • Luke

    Amen! He is the savior of the world!

  • Jeroen

    It's not that I don't like easter or anything but I think it's time for people to change their priorities a bit. Instead of living in a fantasy world all the time and debating things that really don't matter we might as well take a look at the real world (the real things that are consistent over the entire planet and not the silly ideas that only exist locally in peoples minds) and draw the conclusion that we humans are animals too. We're mammals, part of an ecosystem that can hardly support our ever growing numbers. We're depending on other species we're in the process of exterminating. Study ecosystems, know you're a part of it, and you'll know what's real and you'll know what's coming if we don't change our selfish way of living. I think we should focus our time and energy on that if we want our children to have a good future.
    I'm sorry, but that's what you get for promoting religion in my inbox while I only asked for guitar instructions. Love your work!
    Have a nice day.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome post! I am a believer too!

  • Anonymous

    Amen..and this King is still in the building! Thanks, Bart

  • Mpresjohn3

    Thank You for your post about Jesus, It's so good to know that we have a common thread,much greater than our love for the guitar! Keep on pick'n Your friend in Christ and fellow guitar player. preston johnson. [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Personally I would prefer that you not use this space for expression of your religion. This is kind of a business atmosphere, after all. We non-christians get reminded of all this stuff often enough anyway, especially around Easter and Christmas.

  • Hugh

    We owe everything we are and have to the Creator of the universe. God did not have to send a Savior to redeem us. He did this out of love and mercy. To Jeroen, we would not have music or guitar lessons if it were not for God. Take some time to think about where the ecosystem came from.
    God sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins, something we could never do ourselves. Please understand who Jesus is and accept Him as your Savior.


  • Jgpierce

    Thanks for the promotion in MY inbox! Do you "know what's real"? And do you " know what's coming if we don't change our selfish way of living"? Jesus Christ is real! And HE's what's coming so you better change your selfish way of living. When's the last time you've ever seen an animal try to purposefully "focus it's time and energy" on taking care of the ecosystem? Never. Because animals don't have the capacity that God created man with. He wants to reconcile Himself with you. Let Him in!

  • Paul

    I too am a big fan of Russell Brands but the video lays it on a bit thick “Greatest Phenomenon” not sure about that, also being a former GQ winner of ‘most stylish male’ the robes are an odd choice.

  • Geezsazsa

    very moving speech but what was with those thoroughly misleading images? i know it shouldn't matter (and ultimately it doesn't) so why do you still have to propagate this madness, how could "he" possibly of looked like that? just some more "brainwashing" i guess.
    "the truth will set you free"!

  • J. P. Schilling

    For those of you who stated that you don’t particularly care to have “religion” in your mailbox, or that you signed up for lessons and not anything else…well okay then.

    We’ve now listened and given your opinions their just adieu. We have respected your 1st amendment rights to free speech although it doesn’t really apply in this case but we maintain a respect for all.

    Now, let’s just do the same – maintain respect and praise – of Desi’s blog which he certainly does not have to share with anyone, however out of his kindness and love for music certainly has helped me.

    In other words, it is his blog and one clearly inherent notion about having your very own blog is that you get to say what you want. cheers!

  • Anonymous


  • Cheesenightmare

    Desi is an awesome guitar teacher and of course has a right to put whatever he likes on his blog but I think he stepped over the line sending the link to those on his guitar lesson mailing list. That's a violation of trust. Its called spamming and it isn't cool.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Desi, it don't matter what people have to say about this. The fact is you are using the name of Jesus and the bible says there is power in his name. Just remember persecution will come…but we have to suffer like he did to reign with him forever. Jesus is my KING!!!

  • Ralph

    I appreciate the courage to post something that speaks to the eternal and love.There is so much pain in folks, you never know who might be uplifted by reaching out with care and an open heart.

  • Anonymous

    More people have died in the name god than anything else.
    Inocent Baby's being born with terminal ilenesses! WHY?.
    Haitian earthquake!Thousands Dead
    Tsunami in south Asia!, Thousands Dead
    WWII Holocaust millons of Jews! Killed!.
    If you saw an old lady being mugged next to you, you would do something!, God doesn't do a thing! Why?.

  • Debra

    I appreciate courage and a blog is a great place to communicate from the heart. It is also a place where opinions can be expressed … until those freedoms get taken away. I don't play guitar but do promote music events such as Shaniko Gospel Jubilation, Shaniko Ragtime and Oldtime Music Festival and the Tygh Valley Bluegrass Jam. Thank you for adding me to your world Desi. And thank you geezsuzsa for using the quote (though incomplete)in Bible from Jesus Himself in your anti-God explanation of your truth. As Romans says it is in every person to know who their creator is. You need to get to know Him because to know Jesus is TO KNOW! Been a believer since 1971. Jesus said He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Anything else is just opinion and denial.

  • Craygc


  • Rob W.

    We are all filled with a knowledge that lets us know that things aren't as the should be in this world. We are also filled with a knowledge that says to us that there is someone greater than ourselves who has created us and all that is around us. We all have the ability to find the answers to the questions this knowledge evokes within us. God did not create a world and then leave us without answers. The truth is out there the only problem we have is accepting the truth.

  • LifeMetal

    Anonymous says:
    "Inocent Baby's being born with terminal ilenesses! WHY?.
    Haitian earthquake!Thousands Dead
    Tsunami in south Asia!, Thousands Dead
    WWII Holocaust millons of Jews! Killed!.
    If you saw an old lady being mugged next to you, you would do something!, God doesn't do a thing! Why?."
    Everybody in the world is telling God to get out of their schools, out of their government, out of their churchs, and out of their lives. So He turns his back and lets the evil of the world take dominion so that the nay-sayers can see what life is like with out his Grace. Only after they see the torture they are put under will they believe in Him, and call on Him for protection.

  • Anonymous

    1) Because of the fall.
    2a) The earth groans for redemption.
    2b) Because of evil.
    3) Becuase he waits for you to.

  • Anonymous

    Desi, you have a following because of your ability to teach guitar not because of your faith. Your followers are of a variety of faiths and many are agnostic or atheists. I'm very disappointed to find this kind of newsletter from my guitar teacher. Please, let's have separation of guitar and faith!

  • Anonymous

    To the previous post; God never promised a perfect world free of pain and suffering after the fall by Adam and Eve. In fact, He says we WILL experience it and Christians will experience more persecution than others. He did not spare His Son so why should we expect more? What He does promise is to give us the comfort and courage, through a relationship with Jesus, to weather the problems that come our way. Read the book of Job to see how God allows pain but also sustains and rebuilds. Think about it; so many people refuse to acknowledge His existence but seem to expect His blessings. They refuse to believe in Him but seek to blame Him for all the suffering of the world.

  • Anonymous

    An atheist belief, at its essence, is no different than Christians. How you may ask, well let’s take it back. Atheists believe we evolved from a single organism that happened to come together in the primordial soup. This occurred in the earth that was formed from the remnants of the Big Bang. This event originated from an infinitely dense speck of matter. But where did this matter come from???
    They say well it has always existed. So there you have it; atheists believe in eternal matter and Christians believe in an eternal God.

  • J. P. Schilling

    What makes you think God had anything to do with the aforementioned tragedies? I’m a HUGE fan of the television program “Lost” and most experts agree that it’s coming down to choice: right v. wrong choice, good v. evil choice, and in particular when a human is faced with choice why are they always looking for something or someone else for the answers?

    Couple of questions for you: Why do you assume that God had anything to do with a baby dying? Natural catastrophes have been happening since Day One: why are these phenomenons’s attributed to God? And just for the record…God does indeed promise that he’ll provide a way out, or that one will not face more than they can handle; therefore, do you think that God told those in South Asia to move to the beach? How about Haiti? Do you think God hasn’t made extremes on how to live and build based on a person’s location? And I submit this with all due respect but I have always wondered why so many Jews were killed. Btw, Josef Stalin was way worse and he wasn’t even close to Mao Zedong.

    And finally, with the attitude that so many around the world have of God, why should he help? If you believe…He is the one who created us and everything within our purview. Trees, shrubs, ladies, sunsets, oceans, fingernail cells, eyelash cells, seriously, how does an individual cell know where to go? And God gets dissed?

  • Rml3020

    GOD is good! Trust in HIM, His love endures forever! Keep it going Desi..

  • Anonymous

    Well you only have two choices you're either for christ or against him, is it worth it taking a chance at missing out on an eternity of joy? Let me put it too you this way, if you believe and live a life serving others and the Lord and reaping all joy and fulfilment that comes from that then die and nothing happends well you've lost nothing. But if you choose not to believe and still live a good life without Jesus well then you stand to lose everything! One side is right one side is wrong which side are you going to take? I hope nothing but the best for you all God Bless!

  • T.J. Weston

    Amen! THAT'S my King!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Desi Serna

    Anonymous, have you finished the story?