Van Morrison Domino Chords and Tab

domino chords and tab

Van Morrison Domino Chords and Tab

In this free guitar lesson, you learn how to play in the style of Van Morrison’s “Domino.” This song is a great example of using:

  • Fragmented chord shapes and inversions drawn from the CAGED system
  • Chords with added chord tones
  • Hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Syncopated strumming and muted strokes
  • Major pentatonic scale riff
  • Chord progressions and playing by numbers (Using chords from the A major scale, the verse is I-IV, and the chorus is ii-V.)

This guitar video instruction is recommended for intermediate level players on up who are already familiar with guitar barre chords and rhythm guitar techniques. You can download free guitar tab at the link below.

Lesson segment time points:

  • Play Thru 00:00
  • Introduction 00:23
  • Intro/Verse Measure 1 01:22
  • Chorus Measure 3 13:11
  • Horn Riff Measure 7 14:28
  • Guitar music theory 21:13

Domino Chords and Tab

Van Morrison Domino Chords and Tab

(The complete and official sheet music can be purchased from Sheet Music Direct.)


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