Dave Matthews Satellite Guitar Riff TAB

satellite guitar tab

Dave Matthews Satellite Guitar Riff TAB

“Satellite” by Dave Matthews Band is a great example of using major scale patterns on guitar. The riff also makes a great finger exercise to improve your dexterity. In this video lesson, I show you how to play the main riff in three positions using three major scale patterns and fingerings. Follow along with the provided guitar tab and notation. Use the fretboard diagrams to learn the major scale patterns.

Satellite Guitar Tab

Here’s guitar tab and notation for the main Satellite riff. Dave plays it in the position you see notated first. The other positions are optional and fun ways to explore playing the riff using different major scale patterns.

Satellite Major Scale Fretboard Diagrams

Here are fretboard diagrams that illustrate the major scale patterns used in the guitar tab above. The numbers in the diagrams indicate the seven degrees of the major scale. The tonic pitch, Ab, is marked in red.

Satellite Guitar Tab Video

Here’s a video lesson where I perform the Satellite riff. You can follow along using the guitar tab that’s embedded in the video.

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