Brown Eyed Girl Tab

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Brown Eyed Girl Tab

In this free guitar lesson, you learn how to play in the style of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.” This song is a great example of using third and sixth intervals on guitar as well as using fragmented chord shapes and inversions drawn from the CAGED system. Techniques involved include arpeggiation and hybrid picking. This guitar instruction is recommended for intermediate level players on up. You can download free guitar tab and a play-along backing track at the links below.

Lesson segment time points:

  • Play Thru 00:00
  • Introduction 1:12
  • Verse Measures 5-12 15:53
  • Verse Measures 13-20 27:50
  • Verse Measures 21-28 33:54
  • Verse Measures 29-30 48:48
  • Verse Measures 31-33 50:55
  • Guitar music theory 55:40

Brown Eyed Girl Tab

Download Brown Eyed Girl Tab PDF file

Download Brown Eyed Girl Tab Guitar Pro file

(The complete and official sheet music can be purchased from Sheet Music Direct. See also, Guitar Tab White Pages Volume 3.)

Brown Eyed Girl Play-along Backing Tracks

You can practice the “Brown Eyed Girl” guitar parts by playing along with the slowed down songs and backing tracks below.

Brown Eyed Girl Song 80% Tempo 119 BPM

Brown Eyed Girl Song 90% Tempo 134 BPM

Brown Eyed Girl Song 100% Tempo

Brown Eyed Girl Backing Track (no vocals no guitar) 115 BPM

Brown Eyed Girl Backing Track (no vocals no guitar) 100% Tempo


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brown eyed girl tab video snapshot 300

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