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  • The best scales to use for playing riffs and solos
  • How to go beyond basic chords and spice up your rhythm guitar parts
  • The chord progressions and number systems every musician must know
  • How to properly use modes so you always sound good
  • How to navigate the neck easily so you never lose your place
  • Where to focus your attention so you progress quickly and have fun

Hailed as a "music theory expert" by Rolling Stone magazine, Desi Serna is the author of Fretboard Theory and Guitar Theory For Dummies.

Ask yourself:

Do you love sitting at home playing guitar, but when friends ask you to play for them, you feel embarrassed that you can only play a few simple songs?

Or when other musicians invite you to jam ... you worry that you won't be able to keep up?

If you're ready to go beyond the basics and pick up anything you hear on the radio and even improvise your own music, I can teach you -- for free -- the 6 simple musical concepts that will have you playing like a pro in half the time of ordinary lessons.