Bass Player Reviews Fretboard Theory

Bass Player Reviews Fretboard Theory

Bass Player Reviews Fretboard Theory

“Hi Desi: I was able to finish FB 2 (Fretboard Theory Volume II) and the monster chapter on Outlining Chords and Chord progressions. Although saying I finished it means I finished for now, as I will go back to it many times.

I am also very happy with the other products you have recommended. Video Surgeon with the Audio Switch (Song Surgeon) is an excellent product and James Todd has been great about fixing minor issues with the program around YouTube Sniffing.

I probably mentioned to you before that I am a hobby bass player (5 string) and I had lots of fun adapting the lessons to my instrument. I think the aspects of FB (Fretboard Theory) 1 and 2 that I have found most enjoyable are:

  • Doing the detective work to figure out the key and underlying major scale of a song
  • Modal interchange (this is fabulous and explains why an out of place chord appears in a song)
  • Lead patterns-starting with pentatonic and extending to major/minor/harmonic minor-soloing on the bass is fun too.
  • Your extremely clear explanation of modes.
  • CAGED arpeggios-very valuable for bass
  • Outlining chords and chord progressions-where it all comes together.

Next birthday or Christmas, be assured my gift request will be your new Dummies book on music theory (Guitar Theory For Dummies). I look forward to reading it to further solidify the concepts presented in FB 1 and 2.

It is now time to have fun learning songs, and I have the tools I need. I will also learn from bass websites such as Marlowe DK, Scott Devine’s bass lessons etc. When I post a comment, I will mention the enjoyment and success I had from working through FB 1 and FB2 and stress how much benefit they can be for bass players.

I will continue to read your blog and receive your emails, and as I said, keep going back to FB 1 and 2.

Thanks again,”






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